Should you have a real estate partner?

Mary Ann Keary, a broker at Royal LePage ProAlliance Realty Brokerage in Brockville, Ont., partnered in real estate with her husband, Rodney Keary, in 1996. “Working together as a partnership is like learning how to dance. Once you know how each other thinks, you dance together beautifully and don’t step on each other’s toes,” she says. “We make it look easy, when really it’s a lot of work. Partnering up with my spouse has been a great experience for me and I wouldn’t want to work alone anymore. Clients are receptive to either of us assisting them. The downside is trying to get time off together. Technology has made that easier and even when we are on vacation, we are still taking care of our clients.”

But Keary adds, “When people partner up, I think one always feels like they work harder than the other and I think compensation can be the demise of many partnerships.”